Whilst I would love to interview everyone in a long-format sit-down video interview, that's simply not possible.

I've also had various interview requests from people over the years who have simply been wanting publicity. They were not looking to give back and, frankly, they were not that inspiring.

To help with both issues, I decided to start the "Women Changing the World" interview series.

Interested parties can simply fill in their answers to the questions below and be featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

This allows me to feature more interviews, more content and helps filter out those who are just after publicity (they either can't be bothered filling out the answers or their answers are short, uninteresting or copied straight out of their Instagram bio - true story).

Of course some answers may catch my eye, in which case I'll reach out to see if we can set up a more in-depth video interview (either in person or via online video).

To be featured in our "Women Changing the World" series:

  1. Fill out your answers to the questions below
  2. Send a preferred photo to adrian@thef2fproject.com (please ensure it's high-quality)

Please also make sure the total length of your answers does NOT exceed 1700 characters (use https://www.lettercount.com/ if you're unsure).