The Seven Best Social Media Hacks For Solopreneurs in 2019

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As promised here's your cheat sheet on the seven best social media hacks I've found for solopreneurs in 2019. I’d recommend bookmarking this page so you can come back to it. A copy is also on its way to your email right now.

Click on the video below if you'd like more of an explanation as to how each of these sites or apps can help you in your entrepreneurial journey, otherwise enjoy!

In no particular order, here are the seven social media sites or apps that I've found most useful in my entrepreneurial journey so far.

No doubt you would have heard of some of these before, but if even one of these sites or apps can save you time or help your business have a bigger impact, then I'll consider it worth it!

  1. Canva (

    Canva is a great tool for doing any sort of graphic design work: Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook cover photos, YouTube thumbnails you name it. There's also a free version which has almost all the features most people would need and has an app which means you can edit your designs on your phone or tablet as well.

  2. Fiverr (

    A great place to outsource work you either can't do or don't want to do. Whilst there are other outsourcing sites out there, the price point on Fiverr is generally lower, so if you haven't outsourced before or are on a tight budget, this would be the place to start. You can get almost anything done from having a logo designed to having a jingle composed for you.

  3. Social Media Name Checker (
    This one site alone could save you hours. Want to make sure the one name is available across all social media sites? This is the place to go.

  4. Speedtest (
    If you're doing anything LIVE, upload speed is crucial (particularly here in Australia where it is often abysmal). This free site and app allows you to determine whether your upload speed is sufficient to deliver a high-quality live for your audience BEFORE hitting that live button.

  5. Lightstream (
    My most closely guarded secret. Lightstream is an incredible platform that allows you to stream interviews of podcasts LIVE to Facebook, whilst also showing likes, reactions and comments. It also allows you to overlay graphics such as your logo or your URL on to the stream. Game changer... and it's FREE!

  6. Anchor (
    Need a podcast up and running in five minutes across all the major podcasting platforms? Go here. Bonus? It's free too!

  7. Leetags (
    Too lazy to come up with 30 hashtags for your Insta post? Put one hashtag in this app and it will come up with 30 for you. Also puts those dots before your hashtags if that's what you're after so you can copy paste directly into your Insta captions or comments.

  8. Banned Hashtags (
    The bonus - make sure the hashtags you use don't get you shadowbanned by Instagram. Don't know what that means? Doesn't matter - this website will alert you to any hashtags Instagram doesn't want you using. Also available as an app on Android.

So there you have it! Eight social media hacks that have been won through blood, sweat and tears (a lot of tears).

I'd LOVE to know what tools, tips, sites and apps you use to keep your social media and business on point as well - send me an email on if you have the time. I’d love to hear from you.

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