Tammy Bartaia: Bollywood, big dreams & aiming for the top


Tammy Bartaia: international actress, presenter and model.

If you ever meet Tammy in person, you will likely be blown away by her energy, enthusiasm and spirit. She moved from her native Georgia to Australia to study at NIDA and now has her eyes set on making it big in Bollywood.

Catch Tammy in her film UnIndian… and right here!


• 0:24 Tammy’s movie ‘UnIndian’
• 2:21 Beginnings in Georgia
• 3:46 The importance of Tammy’s grandmother
• 5:24 Haters
• 6:20 Modelling
• 8:40 Tammy’s inner strength
• 10:01 Moving to Australia, NIDA and acting
• 12:57 Bollywood
• 18:00 How to get in touch with Tammy
• 18:50 Ten questions with Tammy