Holly Nelson interview: Start-up consultant, entrepreneur & philanthropist


I first crossed paths with Holly Nelson through pageantry.

That's not to say I was entered in a pageant (God forbid), but Holly had won a title and one of my other businesses is focussed on interviewing pageant queens.

As is often the case, I found the person much more interesting than the title and was surprised to find that Holly and I shared a lot in common when it came to business, specifically working for ourselves and looking to help others do the same.

Fast forward some six months later and Holly has been helping me work on several of my businesses as well as the launch of two books which we'll be releasing later on in 2019.

Holly is one amazingly strong, creative and insightful individual who also has a heart of gold. I highly recommend getting in touch with her no matter the size, stage or focus of your business.

  • 4:07 Interview start

  • 5:45 How Holly helps businesses

  • 7:41 The importance of being able to pivot

  • 9:16 From the solopreneur up to the small business

  • 11:03 How to avoid getting in your own head

  • 12:24 Who is Holly Nelson behind the scenes?

  • 14:21 How to get in touch with Holly

  • 15:15 Ten questions with Holly Nelson



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