Casey McQuillen: The Next Taylor Swift


Meet Casey McQuillen: American Idol contestant, singer, songwriter, anti-bullying advocate (30,000 students and counting) and self-proclaimed klutz/expert at embarrassing herself.

What’s most disarming and surprising (in a good way) is how honest and authentic Casey is. This is not someone who started an anti-bullying campaign because it was cool, this is someone who fell into it by happen-stance, found she loved it and had a passion for it and has a burning desire to not let children suffer.

And they’re lessons she learnt the hard way, growing up in school and being the victim of bullying herself.

This is one person whom I truly hope changes and reaches the entire world.


  • 0:45 Where does Casey feel like her music career is right now?

  • 1:50 American Idol

  • 3:29 Battling nerves and anxiety

  • 6:17 Musical influences

  • 8:57 ‘Beautiful’ & Casey’s battle with bullying

  • 18:27 How to become a professional musician

  • 26:00 The ‘You Matter’ Tour

  • 34:52 Capitalising on your strengths

  • 38:29 Comparing your average to other people’s #highlightreel

  • 41:40 Embarrassing stories

  • 43:58 The plan for the future

  • 46:11 The brunette Taylor Swift

  • 48:32 Connect with Casey

  • 49:36 How much does Casey know about Australia?

  • 51:35 Q&A with Casey McQuillen

Contacting Casey