Artist Korynn Morrison interview


Korynn Morrison is vivacious, outspoken, determined and a coffee addict - most of which are qualities I don't normally associate with artists.

I initially met Korynn when helping her to create a video for an art exhibition she was participating in. She immediately grabbed me as being on point, enthusiastic, professional and very business-minded... again things that I don't normally associate with artistic people, not just artists.

A lot of people are the artistic/creative type and struggle with how to implement that in the business world. If that's you then I encourage you to follow Korynn's example as someone who approaches her art as a profession - in the studio 530am each day every day.

Don't let being female get in your way and don't use artistic integrity (no matter what field you're artistic in) be an excuse. You'll see that Korynn certainly doesn't.


  • 0:48 Korynn the artist

  • 4:58 Dealing with criticism

  • 7:10 Getting 'a proper job' and the importance of passion

  • 12:10 On being a female in the art world

  • 13:45 The artistic process

  • 15:45 Problems with the education system

  • 19:57 The importance of quiet

  • 22:37 Art vs coffee and meditation

  • 28:55 Contacting Korynn

  • 29:28 The final ten questions



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