Anna Murakawa: The virtuoso visionary


Anna Murakawa, like many of the women I interview, is a study in contradictions.

Brazilian passion with Japanese restraint? Check.

Super feminine and warm whilst achieving absolutely ridiculously huge goals? Yup.

And yet underneath it all, what’s most fascinating about Anna is her story and how she even came to be studying the violin in Sydney at the Conservatorium of Music.

So many things had to ‘fall in place’ for her to pick up the violin in the first place, let alone have travelled the world studying at some of the most prestigious places. But as we all know, there’s no such thing as ‘luck’.

Winners (and visionaries) make their own luck. They set a goal, they don’t know how they’re going to achieve it, they just know that it’s a must.

And that’s exactly what Anna Murakawa has done and will no doubt continue to do.

Contacting Anna


  • 0:22 Intro and studying at the Conservatorium

  • 5:27 What has violin added to your life?

  • 8:42 Anna’s story

  • 12:00 Bulgaria, being seventeen and making it happen

  • 24:09 Moving to Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA

  • 28:57 Texas USA and the move to Sydney Australia

  • 33:04 How Anna got her $20,000 violin

  • 44:17 A typical day in the life of a professional violinist

  • 50:06 How to get in touch with Anna

  • 52:03 Q&A with Anna Murakawa