Sara McDonald: The sounds of NYChill

There’s inauthentic, there’s authentic and then there’s Sara McDonald.

Sara McDonald is the leader of a 22-piece orchestra named ‘The NYChillharmonic’ (pun intended) which has been touring all around NYC with its unique sound (jazz-inspired, but not really jazz). And whilst I have huge respect for everything that she’s achieved (and will achieve) as a musician, what strikes me most about Sara is how directly she speaks her mind.

And whilst that directness might scare some people away or have others frowning in disapproval, I can’t think of any personal quality that’s as undervalued as authenticity (particularly when it comes to young girls and women).

She’s also fierce, unflappable and has a biting quick-witted sense of humor. Better strap into your seats for this one.

Contacting Sara