Peta Howlett: Empowerment through pole

Peta Howlett first started pole-dancing as a way of recovering from a bad relationship. She now owns two studios, is constantly in demand for both her pole-dancing knowledge and her fitness expertise and has helped hundreds of women find empowerment through the sport.

It’s a story of both personal and business success, as well as a reminder to never judge a book by its cover… and to never knock something until you’ve tried it.


  • 0:19 What does pole-dancing mean to Peta?
  • 1:34 Negative reactions to pole-dancing
  • 2:56 Finding empowerment through pole
  • 4:43 How does a beginner get started in pole-dancing?
  • 7:58 Free time, passion and challenges
  • 15:07 Physical benefits of pole-dancing
  • 18:01 Manifesto 1: Confidence
  • 19:26 Manifesto 2: Health & Fitness is transformational
  • 20:14 Manifesto 3: Self-worth
  • 21:31 Why is Studio Exclusive a women’s only studio?
  • 23:00 How to contact Peta
  • 25:09 Ten questions with Peta Howlett


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