Melanie McDowall: Million dollar lady

Melanie McDowall says that the thing that turns her off most is ignorance.

She states that she was surrounded by it in many ways in her childhood, and though she found it incredibly frustrating, she eventually transformed it into what drives her today in her role as an online confidence coach for women.

She’s also much more than that and works tirelessly with her Million Dollar Ladies to help them create breakthroughs in every area of their lives from mindset, to relationships and of course business success.

And as she states, you won’t hear her giving the same tired out well-worn advice that most other people do. This is a lady that thinks big, dreams big and helps other women create lives on an outstanding scale, and that’s exactly why I had to interview her.

Contacting Mel


  • 0:22 Who is Melanie McDowall?
  • 3:39 The story behind Million Dollar Ladies
  • 9:05 Turning passion into profit
  • 12:02 How to discover who you really are
  • 14:20 Confidence
  • 17:34 How to work with Mel
  • 20:11 Who inspires Mel?
  • 21:34 Mel’s birthday plans
  • 23:35 Raising standards from good to outstanding
  • 26:43 Mel’s advice to her younger self or young women just starting out
  • 29:07 Q&A with Melanie McDowall