Lena Kasparian: Panther poised to pounce

In 2011, Lena Kasparian was forced to defend herself against an alcoholic partner, resulting in his tragic death.

Fast forward to now and she is poised to open her second bespoke fashion boutique in Rose Bay, set to join her flagship store Lena Kasparian Boutique in Parramatta. She has successfully moved past being a DV survivor to combining the roles of single mum, entrepreneur and fashionista… and is in the process bringing her passion to life.

Lena refers to the panther as her totem and her store as /’the Panther/’s Den/’ and, if the past is anything to go by, this is one panther that/’s ready to pounce.


  • 0:14 Intro & beginnings in fashion
  • 2:35 Succeeding without formal qualifications
  • 3:11 The Armenian X-factor
  • 5:34 How could a beginner get started in the fashion industry?
  • 6:32 From fashion concept to finished product
  • 8:48 The Tom Cruise dream
  • 10:43 The significance of the PANTHER
  • 11:57 Lena’s experience surviving domestic violence
  • 15:03 Lena’s advice to those experiencing domestic violence
  • 16:11 What does fashion mean to Lena?
  • 18:29 Building the empire and Lena’s goal-setting process
  • 21:55 Time-management
  • 23:03 The customer experience in the Panther’s Den
  • 25:06 Getting in touch with Lena Kasparian
  • 25:32 Fashion parties and cleaning out your wardrobe
  • 26:26 Ten questions with Lena Kasparian

Contacting Lena