Kirby Bridges: Tennis, passion & big dreams

Kirby Bridges managed to turn her love for tennis into a unique career path through vision, persistence and sheer hard work. Join me on this entertaining interview to find out how Kirby turned her passion into a career, how she made it through some tough times and, ultimately, what makes her tick.


  • 0:35 Kirby’s self-described job description
  • 1:33 Where did the passion for tennis start?
  • 3:31 Why Kirby fell in love with tennis
  • 4:25 Essential Tennis and a day in the life of Kirby Bridges
  • 8:28 Making a career out of something you love
  • 13:09 Kirby’s advice on finding your passion
  • 15:13 Dealing with setbacks, depression and anxiety
  • 18:36 Tennis and tough times
  • 22:30 What helped shape some of Kirby’s beliefs?
  • 25:28 Pop tennis quiz
  • 28:26 Kirby’s tennis game
  • 29:27 Best memory on the tennis court?
  • 30:16 Most embarrassing moment on the tennis court?
  • 35:19 How to contact Kirby and Essential Tennis
  • 36:39 Kirby’s 10 Questions

Contacting Kirby
@kirbybridges on all the usual social media platforms

Contacting Essential Tennis
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