Julijana Nikolis: Soul. Survivor. Inner beauty.

Having worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of teenagers by now, I can tell you there aren’t many who’ve been able to turn such a challenging upbringing (shaped by domestic violence) into the passion, perseverance and determination that Julijana Nikolis personifies.

So keep an eye out for her name. You’re sure to hear it in the years to come.


  • 0:26 Intro
  • 0:50 ‘I Am Me’ Award, Inner Beauty & Competing Internationally
  • 6:17 No such thing as disappointment
  • 8:02 How did pageants help you?
  • 9:40 How did you get into pageants and modelling?
  • 12:05 How domestic violence shaped Julijana’s upbringing
  • 15:32 The role Julijana’s mum has played
  • 17:36 Julijana’s true passion: acting
  • 21:27 Meisner versus Method acting
  • 24:35 What are your acting goals?
  • 25:20 Getting a law degree
  • 27:20 Becoming a Human Rights Ambassador
  • 28:41 The importance of PASSION
  • 31:02 How to contact Julijana
  • 31:50 The Hands & Feet organisation
  • 33:53 Julijana’s 10 Questions

Contacting Julijana