Cassie White: How to get your swagger back

Back when I started interviewing people, I always wanted to research the interviewee as best as I could (and I still do).

These days, with social media, it’s a lot easier to find out what someone’s about: are they happy, sad, how do they treat strangers, how do they take on challenges etc.

It’s also interesting to see whom the person follows or likes.

So back when I interviewed Erin Goodare for the very first issue of my first magazine, I found that she followed this girl named Cassie White. I clicked through and was immediately besotted with the fact that she was a Strala yoga guide.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Strala is almost yoga for people who don’t like yoga (you know what I mean). I have nothing against yoga per se and have practised it often (although not as often as I’d like to recently), but whenever someone comes up with something different, I’m immediately intrigued to go and do some research on it and/or try it out.

So the idea of a yoga-but-not-yoga that originated in NYC was immediately intriguing, however Sydney (my hometown) wasn’t exactly close to NYC, so I decided then and there that I needed to contact Cassie to find out just what Strala was all about.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:54 How did Cassie’s journey start?
  • 5:56 Strala yoga – what’s the difference?
  • 11:50 Get your swagger back – Cassie’s e-book
  • 12:30 Principle #1: Why should girls lift heavy things?
  • 16:27 Principle #2: Feed yourself well
  • 22:30 Principle #3: Move with grace
  • 24:08 What does SWAGGER mean?
  • 25:26 Ten silly questions with Cassie
  • 29:41 How to get a hold of Cassie

Hit Cassie up here: