Alissa Musto: Pianist. Philanthropist. Pageant winner.

There’s multi-talented… and then there’s Alissa Musto.

Whilst most of the women I interview are multi-talented to begin with, Alissa’s list may just be the most impressive of all: musician, singer, songwriter, radio & TV show host, piano & voice teacher, Harvard graduate, founder of non-profit organisation ‘Changing Keys’ and Miss Massachusetts 2016.

Much like her music itself, there are many facets to Alissa Musto, but perhaps most-tellingly her favourite word is “can’t”. Equal parts driven, intelligent and compassionate, it’s hard to see anything getting in the way of Alissa’s success.


  • 0:40 Who is Alissa Musto?
  • 3:12 The power of music to change lives including Alissa’s non-profit ‘Changing Keys’
  • 8:02 On being Miss Massachusetts and Miss America
  • 13:55 Alissa’s music career
  • 16:39 Alissa’s song-writing process
  • 18:50 Alissa’s single ‘Black Flak’
  • 22:41 Musical influences
  • 27:22 Alissa’s advice for aspiring musicians
  • 30:14 On dealing with losses and developing tough skin
  • 31:23 How to reach Alissa and listen to her music
  • 31:41 The mystery fruit
  • 32:30 Vegetarianism
  • 33:01 Q&A