Alicia Van Schoonhoven: Leading generation next

Alicia Van Schoonhoven: from hiding behind the legs of her mother to hosting the closing ceremony of a leadership symposium of over 700 delegates, Alicia is someone who has an absolute passion for helping influence the lives of others.

Catch her interview here as she heads to Sydney to compete in the Finals of Miss Grand and Miss Supranational Australia!


• 1:37 Miss Grand & Miss Supranational Australia and what pageants represent to Alicia
• 4:38 Pageant prep
• 5:32 Alicia’s sponsors
• 7:11 Mission statement
• 9:00 Alicia’s first charity experience
• 10:17 The Humanitarian Affairs University Scholars Leadership Symposium
• 13:02 Overcoming the fear of public speaking
• 16:07 Alicia the travel addict
• 18:56 University study
• 22:00 How to get in contact with Alicia
• 22:24 Ten questions with Alicia Van Schoonhoven