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Monte Mader: Skydiving her way to success

You won’t miss Monte Mader when she walks in the room. She’s tall, confident and projects a fierce yet friendly energy around her.

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Esmay Luck: Holding on from London to LA

Esmay Luck left a stable desk job in her native London to pursue a career as a recording artist in LA together with her brother Max in the acoustic duo ‘The Luck’. She also had to overcome a paralysing fear of performing in public and is someone who’s seemed to both grow and find herself through doing her passion: creating and recording music.

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Alicia Van Schoonhoven: The quest for Miss Galaxy Australia 2017

Alicia Van Schoonhoven is living proof that beauty is more than skin deep: she works, she volunteers, she studies… and all that on TOP of her modelling and pageantry.

In the seven months since we last spoke to Alicia, it’s fair to say she’s endured a lot and come out stronger on the other side, leading her to create Happiness Connect (her mental health start-up).

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Sara McDonald: The sounds of NYChill

There’s inauthentic, there’s authentic and then there’s Sara McDonald.

Sara McDonald is the leader of a 22-piece orchestra named ‘The NYChillharmonic’ (pun intended) which has been touring all around NYC with its unique sound (jazz-inspired, but not really jazz). And whilst I have huge respect for everything that she’s achieved (and will achieve) as a musician, what strikes me most about Sara is how directly she speaks her mind.

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Lena Kasparian: Panther poised to pounce

In 2011, Lena Kasparian was forced to defend herself against an alcoholic partner, resulting in his tragic death.

Fast forward to now and she is poised to open her second bespoke fashion boutique in Rose Bay, set to join her flagship store Lena Kasparian Boutique in Parramatta. She has successfully moved past being a DV survivor to combining the roles of single mum, entrepreneur and fashionista… and is in the process bringing her passion to life.

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Cassie White: How to get your swagger back

Back when I started interviewing people, I always wanted to research the interviewee as best as I could (and I still do).

These days, with social media, it’s a lot easier to find out what someone’s about: are they happy, sad, how do they treat strangers, how do they take on challenges etc.

It’s also interesting to see whom the person follows or likes.

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