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What is The Fear to Freedom Project?

The Fear to Freedom Project originated as a combined mental health and women’s empowerment initiative.

We initially interviewed ten women who had survived incredible trauma and published these into a book ‘From Fear to Freedom’ in December 2017 that went on to become an Amazon Best-Seller.

In 2019 our focus has altered somewhat to empowerment through entrepreneurship. Where mental health initiatives are largely based on ensuring people are emotionally ‘okay’, the simple fact is that no-one wants just an ‘okay’ life. And the one area that often holds people back from living a life on their terms is their career and their finances.

Our goal now is simple. To help people do something they’re passionate about and make a living from it.

There is no greater freedom than getting paid to do something you love, especially when it helps make the world a better place.

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Who am I?

My name is Adrian Kwan and I am the Founder of The Fear to Freedom Project as well as the author of ‘From Fear to Freedom’.

I’ve worked as a coach and mentor in various roles over many years, most notably as a tennis coach where I’ve coached thousands of students over a career spanning more than fifteen years.

That’s what I do, but who I am is someone who’s always been genuinely interested in helping and understanding people. I believe that’s the basis of any great coach.

In my quest to help as many people as possible I’ve picked up many skills, made many mistakes and learnt that life is an ever-changing game (I certainly never thought that I would be a tennis coach or a published author for that matter).

I’ve also grown a love for interviewing people which is quite possibly my very favourite thing in the world to do.


What’s next?

We have two book titles slated for release in 2019: ‘I Know, I Know, I'm Standing Up For Myself, I Am Such a B*TCH’ and ‘Sisters with Soul: Women Changing the World’.

We’ll be interviewing entrepreneurs from around the world with a real specific focus on those who have some track record of financial success yet are still relatable and we’ll be going LIVE wherever we can so you can interact with them and get your questions answered.

More importantly we want you to come along on the entrepreneurial journey with us. We are by no means experts in turning ‘passion into profit’ as they say, so when we interview an expert we’re probably learning just as much as you are!

So at the end of the day we’re on the same journey as you - that is taking something we’re passionate about and learning the skills it takes to turn that into a viable business and a real movement, hopefully on a really giant scale.