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What is #thef2fproject?

#thef2fproject stands for The Fear to Freedom Project.

The project raises awareness about mental health as well as issues that affect many women today such as Domestic Violence.

In 2017 we published a book ‘From Fear to Freedom’ that went on to become an Amazon best-seller as well as a series of short films based on the interviews conducted for the book.

'From Fear to Freedom' is available for purchase on Amazon here.

And you can access the short films for FREE here.

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Who am I?

My name is Adrian Kwan and I am the Founder of The Fear to Freedom Project as well as the author of ‘From Fear to Freedom’.

I’ve worked with and coached hundreds if not thousands of people from around the world over a career spanning more than a decade (I can’t honestly remember when I started doing this), but my particular focus has been on coaching and empowering young women ever since I was appointed the Head Tennis Coach at an all-girls school in Sydney Australia.

Working in that environment opened my eyes to the struggles that young women face in today’s society, struggles often made worse by social media where we can have many ‘friends’ and yet still feel totally isolated.


What’s next?

We are currently working on our new book!

It will differ significantly from the first book in both format and flavour, but the overall goal of empowering young women will remain exactly the same.

We are looking for women from ALL walks of life who may have an inspiring story to share.

If you have a story that would empower and inspire young women and would be interested in sharing your story for our new book, please contact Adrian on

Please understand that not every story submitted can be featured in the final work.

We are looking to launch the book at the end of July 2018.