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Hi I’m Adrian.

Coach, Author and Founder of The Fear to Freedom Project.

I’m here to help you turn something you’re PASSIONATE about into a SUCCESSFUL online business.

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from fear to freedom

"The inner strength of the women telling their story is phenomenal. It’s heartbreaking, uplifting as well as inspirational."

Ten women who've endured some of the toughest and darkest times imaginable share their stories... so that others won't have to.

The women featured in ‘From Fear to Freedom’ all overcame tremendous obstacles such as depression, anxiety, domestic violence and attempted suicide. This book features their stories as well as real-world practical advice for those struggling through tough times and advice on how to effectively help others.

Available in Kindle and paperback versions.

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I Know, I Know, I'm Standing Up For Myself, I Am Such a B*TCH

How to embrace your inner badass, strut like a goddess and stop apologising for yourself.

Coming in 2019!


sisters with soul: women changing the world

The stunning coffee table book featuring interviews with some of the most influential and inspiring women in the world today. Coming in 2019.

Check out some of the girlbosses below who are joining us for this mammoth undertaking!


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No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.
— Billie Jean King
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